G and M code list for the CNCPONSEN CNC control.

G00 Program Stop
G01 Move on X and Y
G02 Move on X Y and Punch
G03 End Of Program
G20 DatumShift
G80 Nibble along a line
G81 Nibbling along an arc
G83 Macro repeat routine
G84 Macro repeat routine
G63 Pocket Clearance X Direction with micro joints
G64 Pocket Clearance Y Direction with micro joints
G65 Pocket Clearance X Direction
G66 Pocket Clearance Y direction
G61 Punch line at angle
G70 Repeat routine
G71 Hole punching at an angle
G72 Hole punching along an arc
G73 Hole punching a rectangle array on X
G74 Hole punching a rectangle array on Y