G and M code list for the Emcoturn242 CNC control.

G00 Fast Traverse
G01 Linear Traverse
G02 Circular Interpolation Clockwise
G03 Circular Interpolation Anti Clockwise
G84 Facing Cycle
G84 Longitudinal Cycle
G85 Repeat Threading Cycle
G86 Grooving Cycle
G87 Chip Cutting Drill Cycle
G88 Chip Cutting Drill Cycle with Redraw
G20 Imperial Programming
G21 Metric Programming

M00 Program Stop
M01 Optional Stop
M02 Program Reset
M03 Spindle Forward (clockwise)
M04 Spindle Reverse (counter clockwise)
M05 Spindle Stop
M06 Automatic Tool Change
M08 Coolant On
M09 Coolant Off
M10 Vice/Work Clamp Open
M11 Vice/Work Clamp Close
M13 Spindle Forward and Coolant On
M14 Spindle Reverse and Coolant On
M30 Program Reset and Rewind