Word address list for the Heidenhain 355 CNC control.
L Linear interpolation/Cartesian coordinates
LP Linear interpolation/Polar coordinates
L Chamfers
C Circular contours/Cartesian
CP Circular contours/Polar
CR Circular path
CT Tangential arc/Cartesian
CTP Tangential arc/Polar
RND Rounding Corners

LBL REP Labels/Repeat
CALL LBL REP Program part repetition
LBL Subroutines/Part repetition
CALL PGM Program jump

CYCL DEF 1 Peck drilling
CYCL DEF 2 Tapping
CYCL DEF 3 Slot milling
CYCL DEF 4 Pocket milling
CYCL DEF 5 Circular pocket
CYCL DEF 6 not used
CYCL DEF 7 Datum shift
CYCL DEF 8 Mirror image
CYCL DEF 9 Dwell
CYCL DEF 10 Rotation
CYCL DEF 11 Scaling
M00 Stop program run/ Spindle STOP/Coolant OFF.
M02 Stop program run/Spindle STOP/Coolant OFF.
M03 Spindle ON : clockwise.
M04 Spindle ON: counterclockwise.
M05 Spindle STOP.
M08 Coolant On.
M09 Coolant Off.
M13 Spindle On:clockwise/Coolant ON.
M14 Spindle On:counterclockwise/Coolant ON.
M30 same as M02. Return to block 1.
M89 Cycle Call. modal
M99 Cycle Call active.