Word address list for the Heidenhain ISO CNC control.
G00 Linear interpolation, Cartesian, rapid traverse.
G01 Linear interpolation, Cartesian.
G02 Circular interpolation, Cartesian, clockwise.
G03 Circular interpolation, Cartesian, counterclockwise.
G05 Circular interpolation , Cartesian, no direction specified.
G06 Circular interpolation , Cartesian,tangential transition from previous contour.
G07 Paraxial positioning block. Non-modal G-code.
G10 Linear interpolation, polar, rapid traverse.
G11 Linear interpolation, polar.
G12 Circular interpolation, Polar, clockwise.
G13 Circular interpolation, Polar, counterclockwise.
G15 Circular interpolation, Polar, no direction specified.
G16 Circular interpolation, polar, tangential transition frpm previous contour.
G04 Dwell. Non-modal G-code.
G28 Mirror image.
G36 Spindle Orientation. not incorporated.
G37 Pocket contour defintion. not incorporated.
G54 Datum shift.
G72 Scaling factor.
G73 Coordinate system rotation.
G74 Slot milling.
G75 Rectangular pocket milling clockwise.
G76 Rectangular pocket milling counterclockwise.
G77 Circular pocket milling clockwise.
G78 Circular pocket milling counterclockwise.
G83 Peck drilling.
G84 Tapping.
G17 Plane selection XY, tool axis Z.
G18 Plane selection ZX, tool axis Y.
G19 Plane selection YZ, tool axis X.
G24 Chamfer with R. Non-Modal G-code.
G25 Corner rounding with R. Non-Modal G-code.
G26 Tangential contour approach with R. Non-Modal G-code.
G27 Tangential contour departure with R. Non-Modal G-code.
G29 Designate current position value as pole.
G30 Blank workpiece definition for graphics min, point.
G31 Blank workpiece definition for graphics max, point.
G40 No tool compensation.
G41 Tool path compensation, left of contour.
G42 Tool path compensation, right of contour.
G43 Paraxial compensation extension R+. Non-Modal G-code.
G44 Paraxial compensation reduction R-. Non-Modal G-code.
G70 Dimensions specified in inches (at start of program).
G71 Dimensions specified in millimetres.(at start of program).
G79 Call cycle. Non-modal G-code.
G90 Absolute dimensions.
G91 Incremental dimensions.
G98 Set label number. Non-modal G-code
G99 Tool definition. Non-modal G-code.

M00 Stop program run/ Spindle STOP/Coolant OFF.
M02 Stop program run/Spindle STOP/Coolant OFF.
M03 Spindle ON : clockwise.
M04 Spindle ON: counterclockwise.
M05 Spindle STOP.
M06 Tool change/Stop program run. Spindle Stop.
M08 Coolant On.
M09 Coolant Off.
M13 Spindle On:clockwise/Coolant ON.
M14 Spindle On:counterclockwise/Coolant ON.
M30 same as M02. Return to block 1.
M89 Cycle Call. modal
M99 Cycle Call active.